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This exercise floor comprises a two-tone gymnastics carpet, 4cm thick foam and a 10m thick high elasticity floor, featuring dynamic foam blocks.
The panels are connected together using fastening sections and locking plates for optimum consistency.
The foam area is made up of several widths laid on the floor and joined by hook-and-loop widths.
Each width features a concertina-folding system for quick and easy installation.
The overlay carpet, also made up of several widths, is joined together by hook-and-loop strips underneath the carpet for a completely flat and consistent working surface. The perimeter of the carpet is finished with whip stitching.
Delivery is performed by an independent carrier. Unloading is to be carried out by your care. 5 to 6 people are needed.
- Integrated anti-rotation mechanism.
- Overall thickness = 14.50cm
- Floor = 12.50 x 12.50m
- Foam = 12.60 x 12.60m
- Evolution carpet = 13.05 x 13.05m

GYMNOVA - London floor 13m X 13m

SKU: 6565
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