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Z FOR zone

Following a survey we conducted among parents of gymnasts, the safety and cleanliness of the training site are the main factors influencing their decision when it comes to registering their children in a sport activity.

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ZONE inspectED

A complete inspection of your facilities to ensure the structural integrity of the equipment and its upgrades. An accurate report is written to explain the actions to be taken to ensure the safety and durability of your club.

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In conjunction with the inspection report, we establish an intervention strategy to maintain or repair all the equipment contained in your club to ensure the safety and integrity of your facilities.

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Optimal extraction of dust and magnesium from surface fibers. Disinfection with dry steam (180 C) thanks to our specialized machines that eliminate the germs we find in the surfaces. 

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Although originally the ZIED program came from the world of gymnastics where we are already recognized as the best global solution for specialized maintenance. Several other fields have taken the decision to trust us by calling upon our services.  Climbing centers, indoor recreational parks, martial arts halls of all kinds and much more! The inspection and maintenance of your equipment will allow you to remain leaders in your field.

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