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Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown on our site do not include shipping, handling charges and applicable taxes which will be added at the time of billing. The taxes of the province of delivery will be applied to all purchases. All prices and other amounts appearing on our website are in Canadian dollars.


Division Sports-Rep Inc. may refuse to ship any confirmed order or part thereof for any reason it deems sufficient.



Under no circumstances will Division Sports-Rep Inc. be required to accept an order from the PURCHASER, moreover, no order will be considered accepted until the PURCHASER's credit has been deemed satisfactory by Division Sports-Rep Inc.



The BUYER cannot cancel an order due to late delivery unless Division Sports-Rep Inc. has been notified in writing in advance.



Partial shipments can be made by Division Sports-Rep lnc. and orders must be considered complete if Division Sports-Rep Inc. is unable to deliver the entire order. In such a case, the PURCHASER waives his right to claim a price reduction or the termination of the sale. The BUYER acknowledges that Division Sports-Rep Inc.'s responsibility will not be incurred by delays in delivery caused by circumstances beyond its control.



The PURCHASER undertakes to assume all costs and risks inherent in the transport of the merchandise sold and distributed by Division Sports-Rep Inc. to the PURCHASER from the place of business of Division Sports-Rep Inc. to that of The BUYER, unless the BUYER meets predetermined conditions Division Sports-Rep Inc.



No complaint and / or claim will be admissible unless made within five (5) days of receipt of the goods by the BUYER. The BUYER may not return goods to Division Sports-Rep Inc. without PRIOR AUTHORIZATION: when such authorization is given by Division Sports-Rep Inc. to the BUYER, fifteen percent (15%) of the sale price will be deducted from the credit granted by Division Sports-Rep Inc. for the return of the goods concerned. The BUYER undertakes to pay the transport costs of the goods (round trip) and to return them in good condition. The BUYER must provide the authorization number as well as the invoice or order number corresponding to the returned goods.



The buyer is obliged to implement and respect a strict maintenance protocol that corresponds to the requirements of the manufacturer and of Division Sports-rep inc. otherwise, Division Sports-rep inc. reserves the right to refuse the application of a guarantee on the grounds of improper use of the product by the seller without notice.



  1. To sell products only to the general public.

  2. To assemble, equip, adjust and maintain the products in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer and or of Division Sports-Rep Inc.

  3. To ensure that all the instruction manuals or recommendations of the manufacturer and or of Division Sport Rep Inc. are in his possession and available.

  4. To keep a history of the maintenance carried out on the products in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer and Division Sports-Rep Inc.

  5. To use the product only within the normal framework of the Use for which it was designed.

  6. The buyer hereby agrees not to sell any product distributed by Division Sports-Rep Inc. outside the normal course of business, such as wholesale or other similar sale; any director who has authorized a wholesale of products distributed by Division Sports-Rep Inc. to another entity hereby acknowledges that he will be held personally liable to Division Sports-Rep Inc. for the value of all products distributed by Division Sports-Rep Inc. sold in the ordinary course of business, not as a personal guarantee but rather jointly and severally with the buyer.



All sales are payable in advance to the office of Division Sports-Rep Inc. When Division Sports-Rep Inc. agrees to give credit to the PURCHASER, the latter must pay the price of the invoice and all its accessories no later than thirty (30) days after the invoice date failing which interest charges of TWO AND A HALF percent (2.5%) per month (THIRTY percent (30% per year) will be charged by Division Sports-Rep Inc. to the PURCHASER on any balance owed by the PURCHASER to Division Sports-Rep lnc.



The PURCHASER acknowledges that he will have to pay, as liquidated damages, all costs inherent in the collection of the sums owed by the PURCHASER to Division Sports-Rep Inc., in particular disbursements, legal and extrajudicial costs. incurred in legal proceedings.



The BUYER acknowledges that the terms of payment are written on each invoice.



The BUYER authorizes his financial institution and suppliers to disclose all relevant information in their possession.


The PURCHASER acknowledges that present and future merchandise sold and delivered by Division Sports-Rep Inc. will remain the complete and exclusive property of Division Sports-Rep Inc. until full and final payment of the price and if applicable. incidentals of the sale, including transport costs and interest; also, the BUYER, assumes responsibility for any loss, damage and / or deterioration of any kind that may occur to goods sold and delivered by Division Sports-Rep Inc. The authorized representative of the applicant acknowledges by signing this request that the information provided are up to date and accurate. In addition, he authorizes his accountant and bank to provide any information necessary to the supplier in order to obtain a line of credit from said supplier.



This agreement will be governed, interpreted and executed according to the laws of the province of Quebec. In addition, the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Montreal with respect to any dispute and / or dispute that may arise from the rights and obligations of this Agreement.

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