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Essential to the practice of gymnastics, Chalk Cream has all the benefits of usual chalk blocks and powder, has excellent grip while reducing emission of particles.

Cream Chalk has ness, is porous in texture and provides optimal covering and ultimate grip on Gymnasts hands with just a small quantity. Once the alcohol evaporates the cream changes texture in a few seconds giving the feel of standard block or powder and condence to perform all Gymnastic moves.

Made in France with 99.8% pure alcohol this Chalk Cream features the same properties as hydroalcoholic sanitising gels, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Advice for use: In order to mix the solution we recommend shaking the bottle well before use.
Do not add water or any other solutions as this will afect the grip and performance of the Cream Chalk.

Chalk Cream is perfume free, packed in plant-based bottles of 250 ml (100% vegetable HDPE).

GYMNOVA - Chalk cream - bottle of 250 ML –set of 12 bottles

SKU: 2853
C$369.99 Regular Price
C$258.99Sale Price
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