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Dimensions: 4m x 1m x 5,5cm

Folded: 2 x 1 m depth 11 cm.

Folds in two.

Our tumbling tracks are designed with

two different concertina folding techniques:

1 – "Traditional" stitched groove folding


2 – Extra-wide (100 mm) self-gripping

linking and folding strip.

Advantages of the designs:

• May be used as single-section

tracks when joined together.

• Lighter and more manageable

three 4 m tracks are easier to

transport than one 12 m track).

• Tracks can be made to measure in

different lengths.

Concertina folding strips for

making linear tumbling tracks.

Two-tone vertical stripe, horizontal

strips and velcro at ends.

GYMNOVA - Foldable tumbling track

SKU: 6126
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