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Allows various assembly combinations to perform acrobatics on a flat working surface while ensuring stability and precision during push-off. Self-contained, track stays inflated for the entire duration of your daily pratices, without having to use the inflator. Easy to handle, it is convenient for all type and level of gymnasts from beginners to elite. Easy and quick to set-up and repack.

PVC cover without phtalate

- Autonomous, this track can stay inflated during several days

- Comprising 8 carrying handles, 3 valves and hook-and-loop strips across both widths

- Supplied with 2 inflator, a pressure gage, a repair kit and 1 transport cover

- Optional trolley (Ref. 6293B)

GYMNOVA - Inflatable track 15m x 2m10 x 20cm

SKU: 6293
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