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Sprung floor sections without built-in adjustment mechanism.
4 cm deep foam. Covering carpet and side skirts.
Width = 2m. Overall depth = 23cm. Supplied in 1m50 lengths.
The two types of track, adjustable (see Ref. 6260) and non-adjustable, may be used in combination.
For example, an 18m track with a 6m adjustable section and a 12m non-adjustable section.
For special junctions between tumbling tracks and pits, please contact us.
This track can be adjusted to suit all gymnasts' builds and all ability levels. Due to its design, it contributes to reducing strain injuries due to fatigue during repetitive exercises. Each panel features quick and easy individual adjustment for elasticity, which enables rebound to be modulated over the full 6 m track length.
- Length = 6m
- Width = 2m
- Overall thickness = 23cm
- Without junction between track and landing pit.

GYMNOVA - Piste tumbling non réglable en élasticité

SKU: 6270
11 046,99C$Price
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