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Round fibreglass hand-rail covered with natural fibre.
This material, which is more malleable than wood, allows for a more homogeneous coating, which increases the hand-rails lifespan.
The texture provides an efficient grip with less time required to prepare the bar, as these hand-rails need much less chalk during use.
The hand-rails show no wear even after several routines and therefore provide better protection for the gymnasts hands, thus enabling high quality routines. They can be safely cleaned with water.

With a smaller diameter, it allows a better hold for smaller builds and helps to learn the basics before moving on to the competition bars. Its pink color makes it easier to pick out when learning the first flight elements.

- Diameter: 37.5 mm
- Color: pink
- Dynamic behavior identical to Ref. 3260
- Compatible with all GYMNOVA asymmetric and high bars
- Sold Individually.

GYMNOVA - Training hand-rail for asymmetric bars - natural fibre

SKU: 3268
1 084,99C$Price
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