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FIG approved.

This Rythmic Gymnastics competition floor has been used at many major events. It offers the gymnast an efficient dynamic, smooth and even performance area. The RG competition floor provides excellent shock absorption for the ankles and wrists, minimising the risk of injury during performance and training thanks to its new comfort layer. Installation is quick and simple and the contrasting 13m x13m performance area is clearly marked allowing for easy orientation during routines.
RG floor base Ref. 6665

Dim: 13.50m x 13.50m

Thickness: 40mm
Comfort layer Ref. 6660

Thickness: 8 mm

Density: 23 kg/m3 - Composed of 7 rolls of 2m wide interconnected by adhesive
RG carpet Ref. 6655

Dim: 14m x 14m ( 3 strips of 14m x 4m and 1 strip 14m x 2m)

GYMNOVA - Evolution complete RG competition floor

SKU: 6668
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