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Standard legs vaulting table equipped with a body which is identical to the FIG Approved vaulting table (Ref. 3404): two-tone dynamic body with a soft front section for shock absorption and a non-slip top covering the hand placement area.
With a body using a complex of dynamic foam and springs, this new vaulting table gives gymnasts a fast, dynamic response.
It is very comfortable to use and reduces gymnasts' fear thanks to its reassuring shape and its comfort layer positioned over the whole hand placement area to soften impacts.

- Height adjustment from 0.95 to 1.45 m
- It is height-adjustable using a rachet and thumb wheel
- Supplied with a fixing system to floor (chain + adjustable tensioner)
- Transports trolleys Ref. 3695 and protective leg guards Ref. 2920 are optional

GYMNOVA - Standard training vaulting table

SKU: 3455
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