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Halfway between a springboard and a mini-trampoline, the Trampo-tremp has been developed specially for all learning and working skills of vaulting exercises. It allows the gymnasts to work repeatedly and comfortably the vault bases to then be able to use a classical springboard. Brings to gymnasts a significant gain in power. Close to a standard springboard, mean gymnasts do not need to change their run-up or last take-off point. Easily adjustable in height with 3 different positions: 26, 30 and 34cm


- Dimensions: 120 x 98cm (Lxw)

- Reinforced push off bed in PVC (47 x 74cm) with central cross marking, tightened by 34 springs

- 3 cm thick peripheral protection pad

- Integrated castors

- Non-slip pads

- Weight: 27kg

GYMNOVA - Trampo Tremp

SKU: 5090
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