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One of the best exercise floors for international competitions. Manufactured by SPIETH Germany.

Sub-construction made of sections of waterproof plywood 15 mm high:

50 sections - 120cm x 240cm

20 sections - 100cm x 240cm

4 sections - 100cm x 100cm

The floor is fitted with 2,270 high quality hardened steel springs.

7 floor mats (14 x 2 x 0.07m) are composed of 196 pieces of puzzle-shaped foam (5cm high) and special foam covered with a fl eece needle (2cm high).

The high-quality special foam layer helps to optimize the bounce effects.

The mats are connected to each other by 6 "self-gripping Duo" straps.

4 white straps are available for marking the competition area.

Spieth Germany - International floor Moscow - 14m x 14m - FIG

SKU: SA-1790750
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