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Adaptable to the range ULTIMATE, GRAND MASTER and MASTER.
Safety mat provide an optimal protection zone for the trampoline rider in the event of a fall, both in competition and in training.
Easy to set up thanks to the carrying straps, they consist of a mat and a raised wedge connected by hook-and-loop strips. The wedge can be removed within seconds so that the mats can also be utilised elsewhere.

Technical features:
- Polyethylene foam (density: 24 kg / m3)
- Fire-resistant, tear-resistant phthalate-free PVC cover with a non-slip base
- 4 carrying straps
- Dimensions: 300 x 240 cm
- The unit
- Weight of one mat: 42,5 kg

Eurotramp - Safety mat - unit

SKU: ET-28000
8 092,99C$Price
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