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Our polyethylene foam top layer is renowned for its shock absorption, compressive strength and cushioning properties. We use premium virgin polyurethane foam which just means it doesn't contain unwanted chemical fillers. This is an important distinction. The longevity of the foam is greatly reduced in carpets made with inferior grades of filled polyurethane. Our vinyl is a tight weave, coated 18 oz polyester, the strongest we have ever found. All competition landing mats are made with 1 1/4 "Trocellen polyethylene foam. Successive layers of foams, starting and ending with the softer of the two polyurethanes, achieve the" free "characteristic. rope "directly into the landing mat. Foldable VEO 8' x 15'5" x 20cm

Spieth America - Foldable landing mat 8' x 15.5' x 20cm

SKU: SA-425
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