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Quick and easy to set up for these multi-purpose wrestling mats. This wrestling mat is very practical for those who have to set up the equipment at each session. Combat zone welded to the tarpaulin for better resistance. Entirely covered and composed of polyethylene foam tracks folding in accordion (element of 2m x 1m) they are connected to each other by self-gripping strips. Technical characteristics:

- Dimensions: 8m x 8m x 4cm (Lxwxep.)

- Circle diameters (int/ext): 6m/7m

- Composition: 8 tracks of 8m x 1m (Lxw)

- Foam density: 25kg/m3

- 1000 denier PVC tarpaulin, M2 fire class phthalate free and UV resistant.

- Two-tone: blue and green

O'Jump - EPS Foldable Wrestling Mat - 8m x 8m x 4cm

SKU: OJ-0572
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