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Stock Royal Blue Vinyl. Polyethylene Foam. For solid colors other than blue, use product number ending with C. Specify red, navy, yellow, forest green, gray, purple, burgundy, orange, black or white with your order. 2’ Panels, 2’ Folds Mats are lightweight, easy to handle and store. Two inch velcro available on the ends only (VEO) or on all four sides (V4S) allows you to create tumbling strips or larger surfaces in just seconds. All mats fold in two foot panels. Select from standard stock Royal Blue, or a variety of colors.

4’ x 4' x 1”1/4 Velcro 4 Sides

Spieth America - Panel mat velcro 4 sides 4’ x 4' x 1”1/4

SKU: SA-475V4S
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