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Donuts and Stuffers, available in four sizes, are a mainstay in every physical education, gymnastics, parks and recreation and physical therapy program. All three parts used alone or together are terrific for skill development, games and obstacle courses. Halves are perfect to encourage see-saw, rocking and socializing, particularly in ‘Parent & Tot’ classes. Or use the half to teach backrolls out of it. Turn it upside down for a tunnel, a climb over, or teach back walkovers off of it. Turn both halves on their side in an ‘S’ pattern and you have a really wide balance beam perfect for obstacle work. Use the full donut filled with foam as a baby pit. Use the stuffers to teach rolls & walkover skills and pushing races for toddlers.

15" x 48" Diameter 15" x 26" Diameter Green, Yellow, Red & Orange

Spieth America - Donut halves & stuffers 15” x 48” ,15” x 26”

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