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SA Sport Modular Pits are designed using the highest quality materials. Our covers are made from 18oz. vinyl using high impact resistant zipper closures for easy maintenance. The landing area on top and bottom are made of tough mesh to allow maximum air release and can be used on either side. The filler is of high density urethane foam utilizing a multi-level solid and open air configuration. If you require help to determine the size that best fits your needs and price range, please call our Customer Service Department for assistance. Modular pits are designed to be used as skill training mats and not as landing mats. They are not a substitute for proper skill progression or overhead spotting apparatus, nor are they a failsafe against injury. Head, chest, or neck first landing should be avoided at all times. Always inspect the condition of your pit before using and do not use if the cover or filler foam appears worn or damaged.

7’5” X 12' X 24" Pit Module. No Velcro

Spieth America - Pit module without velcro 7.5' x 12' x 24"

SKU: SA-GPM751224
4 387,00C$Price
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