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Wedges are an essential part of any free running obstacle course.They have been created to simulate the inclines present within the urban landscape. The modules can be used on the Foor to practice running at speed over obstacles or vertically against a wall.

Popular skills such as wall kicks and wall Flips, are easy to practice on these modules.

The blocks represent obstacles that you can find in an urban environment. They can be arranged and rearranged to create an infinite number of courses making them perfect for Free Running and Parkour clubs, Gymnastics Clubs looking to run freestyle sessions or even Trampoline Parks looking to add Free Running to the features they offer.

- Equipped with 2 carrying handles

- Anti-slip base

- The modules are made from high quality foam and a 1000 dernier PVC cover, which is phtalate free.

Spieth America - Large wedge 200 x 100 x 90/15cm (PK-912)

SKU: SA-PK-912
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